Retain easing after element duplication

To be honest, this feels like a bug, but I’ll call it a feature request. :slight_smile: I’ve noticed that when an action or asset containing an action are duplicated, the Easing effect always resets to “In and Out.” That doesn’t make any sense — if the author has gone to the trouble of customizing that setting and they duplicate the selection, obviously the most likely scenario is that they want the same easing behavior. If they want to go back to “In and Out” then they can do so and then duplicate that.

Just now, this behavior proved especially annoying when I had eight groups of assets, all containing two actions that require an “Out” easing setting. I had to manually visit all 14 of them (7 duplicates of the original x 2 actions each) and change that back. Very tedious.


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Thanks for reporting this @whit. I encountered this issue myself, not with the easing function with the Fade vs FadeAndZoom behavior of a show / hide action.
I will add your input to the ticket already known to our product team.

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