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I have spent some time in the forums, but can’t find recommendations regarding the ‘hardware’ needed for onsite deployment. I’d like to shop options for 42" touch screen monitors etc. I’m 4 days into my trial, have an awesome experience to show my non-profit, but have to get some numbers together before I get them too excited and the total cost blows them out of the water. Their first question is going to be. “HOW MUCH WOULD THIS COOL THING COST”? Even with my volunteer Photoshop, Composer work, they will want to know how much to expect to spend. (Can’t blame them). If I have that total, we can approach some businesses to sponsor the Experience. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello and Welcome @stevenmmcwilliams,

The type of hardware and specs you would need are dependent on what you are planning to do with the experience. If it is going to be a simple experience without heavy reliance on animation and 4k video then you could look at something with our minimum hardware requirements. Also something to consider is what type of Player device your will want to use as some of them have limitations. Here is a link to the Player devices we support and their limitations.
We recommend getting the “best” device that the budget will allow, as this will provide a more consistent experience and allow for more performance heavy options.
Here are some of the hardware companies that our customers have used.

If you have more specific questions don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. We will be happy to answer your questions.



I think I have found a good solution from Amazon for a Dell 27" touch screen as well.



My suggestion is using ELO or Iyama (cheaper than ELO) touchscreens. As a non profit organisation (museum). We use them from 32" up to 65". For a good customer experience and easy to clean, use PCAP touch technology.

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So it looks like I could get the 50” on Amazon.

I assume (perhaps mistakenly) that the touch screen works by plugging in a USB into the host computer and it automatically activates. I’m I grossly optimistic… or is this the way they work?

I appreciate your feedback. Like I say… the Intuiface Composer is a breeze compared to finding the hardware that isn’t outragously expensive. This ELO is workable if I don’t need too much additional hardware and support to run it.



The connection of touch displays is worry free. Win10+ recognize them without any drivers. PlugIn USB and it runs.
ELO provide addional drivers / software. A real helpful part of it is a function to deactivate some touch areas. This let you easy block any windows boarder swipes :slight_smile:

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Very helpful. Helps me know what I am asking for museum to buy…would probably work out of the box. I’ve read all computer requirements, And none are restrictive at all. The monitor just seemed to be shrouded in mystery!

Thanks for the reply.


Like Bruno said, you shouldn’t have any issues with a touch monitor that has a USB for plugging into the host computer. Windows detects it automatically. You shouldn’t need any additional hardware, however, you need to check whether your host computer is powerful enough to drive the XP you’re planning to build, esp. for museums if you have alot of content.

Thanks for the tip. I’m getting excited to present the options since I understand it a bit better!