Reopening asset grid

i’m having an issue with reopening an asset grid. once its been opened once it wont reopen after being closed. can anyone help!
Ive created an animated menu with buttons so not sure thats causing an issue

it only seems to happen when the asset grid is in a group. when its on its on its fine?

Hi @GazM,

I’m not sure I understand your issue, but if you set your Asset Grid with a Free container and the Show close button checked, then the only way to “open” the Asset Grid again is to call explicitly its Show action, using a button of your menu as a trigger.

Hi Seb
a couple of points.
when i set the container to free and have a show close button, i am unable to open any of the images inside the container (i have ticked interact with and tap to open options)
it allows me to open the items when i have container selected to pinable

my original question was - when i add this container to a group with a text layer, once closed it will not reopen (i have a trigger set to open it on a button release.

For additional assistance, I invite you to start a new discussion on our Support website and share your project with the team so we can see what happens there.



HI Seb
I managed to sort it out - thanks

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