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I’m new to the community (Hi to all), and just started using Intuiface to see if it’s viable for projects.
So far it seems a great tool to get things done, But i’m looking for some insight regarding performance.
I’m not using the latest and greatest system but it should be more than powerful enough to run intuiface.
I’m seeing that the resoures of my system are not being used very well by intuiface, Video playback is not very efficent, Low polygon 3d models run but auto rotate framerates are very poor and transitions between scenes are not smooth. I see when video and 3d models run the Graphics cards power stepping stays in low powerstate mode which looks like intuiface isn’t calling upon the Gpu very much. The CPU’s aren’t being utilized to much extent either. I’ve seen a few comments regarding performance and having to highly optimize and recommended hardware, but must say i’m a bit shocked that you’d need a RTX 2080 and a Intel i9 just to run a few movies and 3d models and transitions.
It would be interesting to see if these issues have be a major drawback for other users.

Many Thanks

What are you trying to create that is needing such system?

I’m just looking at the capabilities of intuiface at the moment to see if it’s viable.

I’m not using "such system ". I’m using a middle of the road system, but as I said in my post I don’t see intuiface using the resources very much but performance is not good. At the moment I’m just testing with simple png’s with videos in the the group to emulate a mobile phone set up and simple 3d models. I’m simply trying to find out if this is the normal behaviour of intuiface

you said mobile setup, does this mean you are using the tablet version of the player ? The windows version of the PC is the best !

At present I’m using the windows version of the player/composer. When I said “mobile setup” I meant I’m creating a few mobile phone pngs and placing content into them. I’m seeing what the capabilities are to showcase a product ranges. All being carried out on windows. It’s just a very basic composition to see if intuiface has the feature set I’d need. I’m just trying to get some feedback as what to expect performance wise.

Well considering we have used many different hardware options but for your need you should not need a high spec PC, there are many factors that you need to consider.

To help us understand your issue/question in more detail are you able to share your experience.

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Hi @willzz32,

For such questions, I’d recommend you to contact our support team and your experience with them. They’ll be probably be able to better understand why you have some performance issue.

BTW, could you be a bit more precise than " I’m not using the latest and greatest system " so we better understand what hardware you are currently using?



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Hi Seb

Thanks for the response. I’m currently using a x58 motherboard with a x5650 cpu six core clocked at 4.0Ghz. I’m running 16GB /1800mhz ram with low latency and a Nvidia GTX 680.
I’m running the system of a Samsung Evo SSD with about 260MB/s read as it’s running of sata 2. It’s older hardware but still has a bit of grunt.

I can’t say how much the overclock at 4.0GHz impacts the performance, but on pure raw CPU benchmark notes, this 10 years-old Xeon is somewhere in the range of current i3.

As you said, not the best, but should definitely be able to run a few experiences, in addition to Windows OS which must use some of horsepower.
Nothing to say about the 680, far better than my 1050 Mobile and with which I run hundreds of Intuiface experiences.
BTW, running Win10 with latest updates?

Again, going through our support team will enable them to test your experience and validate it on some of our reference hardware.

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Thanks Seb.
I’m mainly using it because of the core count and the x58 platform still rocks, I know the IPC is a lot lower than a modern CPU but I’ve not had issues running projection mapping software on it at quite large res. I didn’t think the CPU would be much of a bottleneck and under load in Intuiface it barely hits 10% on the experiences I’m testing. I think I’m more intrigued as to where the bottlenecks might be and how intuiface is using the hardware.
It would be good to understand where most of the horsepower is used GPU/CPU or if everything is pretty much load balanced across the system. I can then put a system together based around intuiface needs.

Thanks for the help.

I know I’m repeating myself @willzz32, but sharing the particular experience you’re testing with our product team help us help you understand where that bottleneck is.

For test sake, I also recommend you to test some samples of our Marketplace on your machine, and tell us how they run.

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