Removing double values when adding filters in Intuiface




I will try to explain this with an example from Excel. As you can see in this example I have 3 categories. When I go to the top of a column, I can add a filter. Excel automatically creates a sort of dropdown menu with available options. In which there are no double values, there is only 1 option of “Jan” or 1 option of “Max” for example.

This last part is what I would like to achieve in Intuiface. I know how to create a dropdown menu and I also know how to add a filter but when I do this, Intuiface doesn’t filter out the doubles (like excel) It just shows me the entire category/ column.

What can I do about this?

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Hi @nicholas.vanbeylen,

You need to create a 2nd sheet that will contain these unique names, as demonstrated in this webinar.



Yes thank you, you are right. Excel also has a feature for removing doubles, which is what you’ll want to use with big Excel files.

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Hi @Seb ,

In the webinar, the filter options (vintage cars, african wildlife, …) are predetermined and don’t change. My situation calls for a variable filter options list. So imagine if another user added some more content to your excel list, with brand new collections. I would like to automatically update the excel as well as the filter options list.

My situation doesn’t need actual buttons (with an image) for filtering but it is a dropdown (Asset Grid) of plain text options. So the dropdown will be linked to the ‘Collection’ column of your excel file. This way when the user taps on a collection, the excel will filter. BUT how can I make sure that Intuiface only shows the name of the collection only once in the dropdown? Because as it is right now, intuiface just copies the entire ‘Collection’ column into my dropdown list.

That’s why I thought of the excel function ‘Remove double values’. Now I was wondering if there was a way for Excel to automatically remove these double values as soon as some new content is added to the column? I’m asking this because I have to set up this Excel as “easy-to-understand” as possible for future users.

Hope you understand my problem,

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Hi Nicholas,

Did you create a 2nd sheet in your Excel file that will contain the list of collections, with no doubles?
If not, can you please share your Excel file with me so I can better understand your issue?




Hi Seb,

Yes I did create a new sheet with the list and removed the doubles. However the goal is to have Excel automatically scan for doubles as soon as new content is being added. I went to an Excel Forum and there they helped me with a piece of VBA code but an excel file with VBA code becomes an “xlsm” filetype and I can’t import this in Intuiface. Is there another way to realise this or to import xlsm filetypes?

I’ll include the link to the forum where everything is being explained in dutch:

It would be really useful if, in the future, intuiface could have a filterbox feature like Excel (see image Filter02.JPG in my first post of this thread).

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Hi @nicholas.vanbeylen,

I’m sorry, but when you’ll add new elements in your main sheet, you’ll need to make sure that they belong to an existing category or will have to add that category in the 2nd sheet, used for your filtering menu.