Remotely Clearing Drawing Tools

We are using composer at our church for our Pastor to write over a picture. We are sending the picture to Intuiface though the webcam input. He will then write over it. The issue we are having is that we want to have the ability to “erase all” of his drawings on the screen when we goto a differnt slide. It’s very cumbersome for him to drawing on the screen and then having to remember to select the eraser, hit erase all, and then the “X” to close out the drawing tools.

We have the abibity to send MIDI, and OSC commands to the computer he is using. Even if there was a keyboard shortcut that I can send via a stream deck to erase all that would be great.

Also, is there a way to edit the the drawing tools box so it doesn’t include all of the tools it is that we don’t need. We just need a marker, 2 colors, and a clear all. Even if the “clear all” is a one button press that would be HUGE. We bought this software only to use the drawing tools over the webcam feed. I’m just struggling to figure out how to adapt the software to our use.

Hello and welcome @production1,

You do not have to use the show drawing tools, in order to enable drawing. You can instead setup a trigger to turn Drawing mode on, in this example the trigger is a toggle button being checked turns the drawing mode on:

When you turn drawing mode on it does not show all of the drawing tools, if you have Show drawing mode label checked it will show the label text.

You can also use triggers to change pen color, I am again using a toggle button check to trigger this action:

I also added this toggle button and any other color toggle buttons to the same toggle group that way only one can be checked at a time.

You can also setup a trigger to erase all drawings, in this example I have it happen when the scene is being left:

You can find more information on using the drawing tool here.