Reloading an Excel File - Video Issue

I have an Asset Flow in my scene which is pulling information from an Excel file. It’s a very simple Excel file with one column showing paths to video files and another column with their titles.

I am trying to add more videos by editing the excel through Intuiface. The scene updates but I get a blank space where the video should be with the message ‘Can’t find Files…’. The video title updates with no issue. Is there a way to reload the Excel file so that it pulls in the new video?

Well it looks like I figured it out. I didn’t realise that when creating an interface asset it gets copied and placed in an InterfaceAssets folder in my project folder. If I drop the video file in there it updates. It seems a bit counter intuitive!

I do have another question though. In my asset flow I have the video and the title. I’d like the user to drag the video to make it larger, however I’d like the title to disappear when they do this. Is this possible?

Hi Cormac, welcome to the Community! :tada:

I recommend you to check the dedicated article about Excel Interface Asset. The import process is explained in it (see below).

When importing an Excel spreadsheet into Composer, the corresponding Excel workbook is copied into a sub-folder of your Intuiface project. You can easily locate your Excel file or even edit it in Excel by using the context menu of the Excel interface asset. Right-click any Excel interface asset in the Interface Assets panel and select either Edit in Excel or Open file location.

The default behavior when you check the property “Tap item to open” will exactly duplicate the item itself. If you want to change the aspect of the open item, the way to go is to use a “master/detail” pattern as explained in this article: Displaying data feeds using a summary list with detail view.

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