Reload Scene

Is there a way there could be a “reload active scene” action in this window? I have a scene(s) with several graphics elements that can be moved around and I’d like them to go back to normal when reset. I know that I can “go to scene” but I have this tigger/button on an Experience Layer and the current actions don’t update the the scene thats active.

Paul, familiar with the scene property “Reset all asset properties”? If not, see if this does the job. If you are familiar, what is it not currently doing?

Hi Paul,

I guess you want to reload the current scene without having to exit / enter it again. This action is available on the scene itself, see snapshot below.

You can’t target the “current scene” so I’d rather put that button inside the scene itself instead of an XP Layer.
Regarding the trigger, I’d recommend you to use a button Is released trigger instead of a text is tapped trigger, to make sure the user gets a proper feedback of his action.