Recording answers not working



Record answers

The above is my example I am working with. With the buttons I want them to add to a cell in excel and then I will extract that information later on to see how many in total clicked on each button.

At the third slide I want it to add to data tracking to tell me at the end what one user clicked on, then have it return to the home screen.

I can not get the buttons to add to the cell in excel and also I want it so it doesnt just add a number and keep adding as someone clicks on the button (if the user unchecks it I want it to minus the value it just added).

Then at the end I want it to save to data tracking, return to home screen and continue to add up the numbers.



Hi Evan,

Your link won’t let us see how you built your project. Could you please share it as a reader with xp-for-support (at) intuilab (dot) com so we can see how you are using the Excel file?



Good Day all and hope you have a great holiday coming up.

I worked with the program more and found I was using the property bindings wrong.

Thanks for the reply but we can close this out.