Read QR codes with Webcam Asset

Here’s any idea submitted by Chloe Canella:

" There is another business scenario to justify a webcam integration, which is the ability to read QR codes. More and more touch screens are going to have an integrated webcam. Imagine Intuiface being able to read QR codes and perform an action based on it. At an event, visitors can weave their badge in front of the webcam and the app will recognize their name, industry, etc. and show a customized view of an experience based on their interest. We can do that with RFID of course, but it’s more costly and requires a reader.

If you attended SalesForce event called Dreamforce (100K visitors) you’ll see how they are using QR codes on badges and iPad minis to read them to collect demographics. While their goal is lead generation, printing badges with custom QR codes would open up another venue to connect the physical world to the digital experience. "

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