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I’ve been tasked with creating an interface that represents the inter connectivity of an organization, where each process/position has a deep significance to the overall goal of the operation. My initial thoughts are a spoke and hub model or a node model that users can manipulate. Selecting each node to get additional information. On top of that I need to show connectivity or paths to the core of the operation. Maybe like a choose your own adventure experience.

I thought I would put this out there to see if anyone had any experience or comments on how specific Intuiface features might help bring this to life. We have created several projects with Intuiface over the past 6 months and we love everything about the platform.

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@acourrier Sounds like a fun project! Though I don’t know what’s all involved in terms of the number of positions and their relation to each other, my initial idea would be to use a Pinboard collection as a primary ‘canvas’. Then create something like a mind map that can move around the pinboard.

Create one main group that holds all the rest of the content and can freely-move in the pinboard like a big ‘boat’. Within that big group, drop additional groups (or even additional collections such as flip charts or carousels) of the different positions into it, use toggles for info pop ups, etc. Design your mind map like this, so each position is interactive.

So the big boat group holds everything together and can easily move around the pinpboard ocean, haha. You could allow a user to freely move that main group, or create sub navigation outside of everything that moves the whole group to each specific position…essentially leading the visitor to each point in the order you like.

If you’ve ever used something like Prezi for presentations, it’s a bit similar.

Maybe it’s a good idea, maybe not. But hopefully it sparks some different ideas. Good luck!


I’d start in the same direction, using a pinboard (or just a layer) as the basis.
You can have a look at the “hub & spoke” menu in our menus design accelerators to get a little starter here.
I’d also take some inspiration from the work made by Promultis here: Object Recognition working in Intuiface on Promultis Screen


As Seb has suggested if you want any guidence or help drop me a line VIA PM and I will gladly help you out!

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