Re-Share a Shared Experience

I REALLY want the ability to re-share a shared XP from master console.

Here’s a use case I run into a lot. I create an XP for another agency. They may or may not have a sub-account under mine. They want to share that XP file into their client’s display or account. This is currently not allowed.

Ideally, I’d like to see a simple check box appear when I share the XP - “Allow Re-Sharing”. When checked, that allows the person I share it with, to share it with others. When they share it with their client, they have the same check box. They can leave it unchecked to ensure that’s the final destination. And if I uncheck that box, it removes sharing from all links in the chain after mine.

Given that everybody is required to have a platform account now, I think this is a safe feature to add.

Currently, it’s a major hassle to send raw files, get the right person to open those files in their composer, then publish into their account and proceed with sharing. For people that don’t work with this stuff often, it’s a big headache for them.

  • Yes! Please add re-sharing of an XP!
  • Nah, don’t need

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Hey @AlexB

I am not sure if this should be added on to this thread but it is sort of similar idea I had in mind.

Scenario One:
Would be if you created an experience on a certain device it would be good to have the ability to lock the experience to the HWID of the machine even if the end users get hold of the Project/IFX file they will not be able to open the experience unless a few conditions are met which are they must have the same Composer Key & HWID. For this I would find being very useful if someone tried to copy the experience that you have put on a device manually but forgot to delete the IFX file.

Scenario Two
When sharing the XP you created, it would be good if we could specify the experience to only run on a certain player even if the project gets copied to another device. - Yes you could create something inside the XP to stop this but having a check button when you have shared the XP in the MC to only play on the device you choose.

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