Re-order Columns in the HCMS

I know this is a planned enhancement at some point, but I thought I’d put it out there to see if others would be interested, and therefore get it moved up the priority list:

I’d really like to be able to reorder columns in the HCMS (Drag and drop would be nice, but simply being able to change the auto-generated label value would be fine as well).

• I’m guessing this would be a relatively simple ask :slight_smile:
• It would help keep a complex database ordered and organized for editing purposes.
• Control how a collection is filled without having to add an index and sort.


Hey @phil,

Thanks for posting your feedback here. I can assure you this is already pretty high in the product team’s priority list :wink:

Hey guys, any update here? After converting a complex experience over to HCMS ~1.5 years ago, our client is finally wanting to control the order of various content areas. The only current solution I’m aware of is to create a simple numerical index wherein you manually assign number values to every entry, then set the XP to order them that way (at least I assume the latter is possible), but that’s a pretty tedious method. Drag & drop or ID control would make this a lot easier.