Random Slideshow

Does anybody know how to create a random slideshow using the slideshow collection? I have several images and videos I would like to display in a random order.

You should be able to do that using the Random from list interface asset (documentation here) and maybe an excel spreadsheet to list your possible images and videos. Use the random from list interface asset to filter a random index number and display that in the slideshow.

Thank you for your response.

The Slideshow Collection does not have an index property. You would have to use one of the other collections such as
Asset Flow or Flip Chart which do not have the same transitional effects as the Slideshow collection.

This may sound kind of weird - but what if you made a slide show of Flipcharts? Then set each flip chart in the slideshow to show a random picture at an interval of your choosing.

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We went ahead and did that. Works like a champ. thanks! We just placed a rectangle overlay on the slideshow. Show the box, flip the slide, and then hide the box. Makes for a decent fade effect.

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Awesome! Great to hear.