Random from list - remove Item already used

There should be option to remove used item from Random from list asset.
That is, when you pick up one item (action Select new item) and use it, there is possibility that next time you ask for Select new item you will get the same item, or not. There is no guarantee it will not repeat already used item if you ask multiple times for new item.

By removing already used item, you make sure that next time you use Select new item you will get non-used item.


Hi @hrvoje and welcome to the Intuiface community!

We’ve been asked for this request for the Random Number Generator, and since both this one and the “Random from List” are Interface Assets written in JavaScript, you can easily tweak the code to your own needs.

Here is an example for a “UniqueRandomNumberGenerator”:
UniqueRandomGenerator-Test.zip (6.6 MB)



Already implemented into my experience, works perfect. Thnx a lot!

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