[R&D] Machine Learning + Intuiface prototype

I’d like to share a new prototype that demonstrates the powerful combination of Machine Learning (ML) with Intuiface.

Our challenge was: Can Intuiface use a simple PC webcam to recognize objects and trigger proper actions? No RFIDs or special codes involved, just pure object recognition.

There are two parts in this demo: an online ML model and an Intuiface shell.
First you teach the machine using your live webcam and a browser embedded in Intuiface. The training happens by capturing several photos of the objects you want to recognize. Once trained, the model will be able to identify the objects with a certain confidence level, and trigger specific remote commands that Intuiface will translate into proper actions.
Potential use cases are in retail and smart interactive digital signage.

Give it a try by downloading the prototype at:

The online ML model is hosted at http://tosolini.com/ai

PS. This is just a prototype limited in scope. We were inspired by the Teachable Machine experiment by Google.



This is very useful and inspiring @tosolini. Bravo!

Thanks @bomee.lafitte. Feel free to reshare as you wish.

Then I’ll sure do. Thanks a lot!

Video credit: the visionary leader, @tosolini

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Nice done Paolo!

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