Quiz : wrong and correct values


Hi there,

I am currently having a bit of trouble with the dynamic fields “CORRECT!” and “WRONG” of the native quiz downloaded through the design accelerator (mini games). I have managed to access every field of the quiz, change the questions and their answers but one problem remains : although I can change easely the “CORRECT!” text, there is no way I can find the “WRONG” text input… Does anyone know where it might be hidden ? In a very dark place of the Excel sheet ?.. The only reason I would like to acheive this is because I want to translate to french the whole game.

Thanks a lot !



It’s actually set in the triggers and actions with conditionnal triggers when a button is pressed.
It’s the third action of the button as you can see in this animation.

Hope this helps!


Ok thanks a lot for your help, I’ve been looking everywhere for this setting !


Happy to help