Quiz slow loading


I’m working on a simple quiz on iPad and, for some reason, my scene with the Q&A is very slow to load (5 to 10 seconds) .
I’m using image toggle button (the size of the button is 2ko).
I don’t understand because it’s not my first quiz and i never had this issue before.

My computer specs are :
CPU : i5-52000 2.2Ghz
RAM : 8Gb

The iPad is an iPad Pro 9,7’’ with an A9X CPU

Please help

Hello Vincent,

I recommend you to open a ticket on our Support Site so our team can investigate, please try to put all details you can in the ticket (not just a link to here).

Support Team will probably ask you to share your XP with xp-for-support@intuiface.com so you may want to do that after creating your ticket .



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i just did it
Thank you