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We are making a quiz that functions like this: five random questions are served to each user after they give their information, and points are awarded based on how fast you answer each one—like, each question is given 15 seconds to answer, and the faster they answer each one, the more points per question. So my questions are threefold:

  1. Is it possible to have random questions pulled from a set list? Could be in an excel document or something else.
  2. Can this timer functionality work? Where a number is calculated based on the time used/remaining?
  3. Can you add these points at the end to see the score?

Thanks for your help!


you can definitely get a random choice and also add the points at the end. Regarding time based calculation of points, you will need to set ranges I think for example 1-5 secs = 10 points, etc. There will be a bit of work involved, and I think the Seb or someone with that sort of coding skills will be able to point you in the right direction.


Thanks for the reply!! Could you point me in the right direction for the random choice at the end?

Coding skills on our end are nonexistent. Any advice on where to get started there? Thanks again!


Hi David,

One option could be using the Interface Asset - Random from list. I would recommend you to read the article.
This Interface Asset plus an Excel file would make the work to get a random question from a list.
I have created a very simple experience that might help you to understand how it could be done.

Kind regards,

Random Question.zip (2.2 MB)


Hi @sikes,

How is it going with your Quiz? Do you have any more questions or are you good on this one?



Hey @Seb . Thanks a lot for the reply. Unfortunately I’m still really confused on how to make this happen. What next steps should I take?


@Seb To be more specific, I have been able to get a spreadsheet into an Intuiface project, but what I’m having trouble doing is the following:

  1. Displaying a random question from a column of questions. I’d like the row to be randomly selected, so the question will be pulled from a large list of questions.

  2. Doing the same for the question answers but still being able to designate one of the four buttons as the “correct” answer.

I’ve tried going the route of random from list as well as using the random number generator to filter columns, but I’m still having trouble getting this to work the way I want it to.


Hi David @sikes,

Please have a look at this modified version of the Science Quiz demo.
I added a “group Id” to the questions then pickup randomly one group of questions when starting the quiz (5 questions out of the 20 available).

Tell me if that helps a bit more.



Hey @Seb. Okay, that is really helpful for seeing the approach! I want to really get the concept to get it to fit our needs—could you point me to where in the project’s triggers and actions logic the group is narrowed down? I see the random number generator and “start” being used to generate a new number, but I don’t see where that links to the flipchart changing group ID for its data. Thank you again!


You have a trigger on the Random Number generator itself that will apply a filter on the Excel data feed, using the generated number as the parameter.


Just as an update to this thread, Seb’s response was incredibly helpful and got me on the right track, but this project unearthed a bug with deployment of this trivia game on kiosks—however, the Intuiface support team has been incredibly helpful in getting this worked out! Thanks again, all.