Quividi Integration

Hi Guys,

I’ve been testing integration of the Quividi software for triggering in intuiface using the interface asset copied from the example file in the intuiface market place. It works great - for around 3 hours then stops working.

I’ve created a hack by getting intuiface to stop and relaunch the software every 2 hours.

I’m using the latest version of quividii and I know the interface asset was created a while ago. Is anybody using this successfully or using API explorer instead to connect the the Quvidi API?

Hi @ben1,

Since Quividi is using websockets in their Real Time API and not HTTP requests, the API explorer won’t help you there.
It’s true that we haven’t tested the latest versions of Quividi for a while.
I will report this to the product team so they can try to reproduce your issue.

Thanks Seb,

Appreciate you coming back to me

Hi Ben,

I just had a phone call with the guys from Quividi. It looks like you have a license without the option for the Real Time API, which means the demo version you are using is limited to 2 hours.
You need to contact Vladimir, your regional sales manager from Quividi so he can activate this option on your demo license.
That should solve your issue :slight_smile: