Question about Excel and iPads


So I’ve been reading through the documentation and best practices and I’m confused. Excel seems to currently be supported ONLY for WIndows based devices. I’m running my presentations on iPads but have not ventured into Excel with Intuiface because documentation states that it is not currently supported (but will be in the future). Yet this article seems to allude that iPad devices now do support this feature. Is the future here and I’m just reading outdated docs or should I still be waiting?
Thanks much!



The Excel Interface Asset is supported on all the platforms IntuiFace supports, including iPads.
Could you precise where you read it was only supported on Windows please?


Mea Culpa. I read this and misunderstood it. Thanks for the swift answer! Please feel free to take this post down if necessary. Thank you

“For Player for Kiosks & Player for Tablets
The ability to directly update an Excel spreadsheet on iPad, Android, Chrome, Samsung SSP and webOS Signage devices is not supported. To update the spreadsheet for these Players, make the changes using Composer - see previous section - and then redeploy the experience.”