Question about Elo Edge Connect RFID

Has anybody tried the ELO RFID reader with IF? I have a client (Visma) the has a time registration website, they would like to add the feature with the NFC/RFID reader. Is it possible to get it to work when its a website?
They have a admin login for each worksite.

Hi Kasper,

We (Intuiface team) and some of our customers have been using the older generation of Elo barcode scanner in the past with success, but not this newer RFID/NFC reader.

That being said, even if you had the integration with that reader available in Intuiface, you probably won’t be able to use the data read from that reader and inject it in a “webpage”, which I’d guess would be displayed via a Web Browser Asset, or since Elo usually runs on Android, an in-app browser. (See my webinar session from yesterday here about CORS)
Webpages displayed through Intuiface are like black boxes and we can’t inject any code in them for security reasons.

Without knowing more about that website and the overall Intuiface XP architecture, I’d say it’s probably up to that website code to be able to accept directly inputs from the RFID/NFC reader (again, security for the private information contained in the RFID/NFC ID cards).

Hi Seb

Thank you for an answer, do you think that another solution would be a possibility if we use the Phidget RFID reader or is the website as you mention that is the problem?


@ Kasper, like Seb mentioned, its not possible to push data from within intuiface to a website in the web browser asset.

Phidget RFID works perfectly within intuiface (i have personally used them), a workaround can be track the RFID data within intuiface and then use an api or something to push the captured data into the client’s site. If the website has the ability to enter data, then there should be some sort of CMS in the background where you can push the captured data to.

@kasper Using Phidgets RFID or Elo won’t change anything, it’s really about what the website can accept as an input.

Contrary to what Melvyn said, it is not impossible to push data from Intuiface to a website (I’ve done in the past, on some specific cases), but it highly depends on that website, any API it may expose and the kind of inputs it’s waiting for.

As I said earlier though, it’d probably be simpler and much more secure if the website was handling the authentication via the RFID itself.

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