hi, we are in discussion with a client that plan to use interactives at 100+ stores. we suggested they use intuiface, however, during the meeting they came up with an very important but critical question - who actually owns the presentations that developed ?

according to them, if they spent thousands of $ in development + thousands for composer + thousands for player and the if intuiface shutdown, all their investment would go into waste, because they will be stuck with presentations that cannot run. so in reality everything they develop and spend so much money on is not really theirs as they cannot use it with intuiface.

therefore they were asking if there was an alternate to this, where they can still run what they develop regardless if intuiface was around or not, otherwise, they may have to explore some other platform where atleast the app you pay for to get created is actually yours and still runs.
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Well if you are the expert/person who is creating the experience I would say you own the experience but if you build it for them with them knowing it’s Intuiface then it could be a joint effort. But that is a discussion for you and your client to have to make this descision.

I mean the chances of Intuiface going under, and as the chances of getting hit by an asteroid, it’s most likely never going to happen.

Well, the next-gen player will answer your question by running the experience outside the normal player. Either as an App or within the browser.

I am sure @Seb will maybe have something to add to my point.

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hi louie,thank you for your reply,wish i could convey your thoughts about being hit by an asteroid to the client.
regarding the next-gen player you mention, i dont think you read the licensing system in detail. as per the new norm even in you want to use it as an app or on the browser - you still need a license key !
bottomline is if there are no license keys, you cannot use the content you have spent thousands of $ to develop rendering your content usless.

I don’t think it’s rendering it useless you are mentioning a scenario that will never happen.

If that is the case go out and build the application outside of IF it will cost you a lot more time/effort to create.

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thanks,yes i think i we will go with another platform, costwise even if its a little more during development, long term it will be lesser as there are no yearly composer and player charges and most importantly it runs forever as long as you want, ROI 100% +

FWIW: Intuiface has been in business for 15+ years and, as evidenced by our recent launch of Intuiface 7, we have heavily invested in our software and the growth of our business. We’re not going anywhere.


But ok, why trust us? :slight_smile: Here’s more to chew on:

The old model of large one-time fees - usurped by the notion of subscription services in today’s digital marketplace - is still perceived by some to be “safer”. In fact, the opposite is true. The benefit of a subscription model to a vendor is securing the future. Reduced cash flow now, more reliable cash flow over time. Any company with unique IP and thus R&D costs is initially taking a risk by going subscription because they have to weather the lower cash flow while continuing to invest in their IP. But once over the hump, with a sufficiently-sized install base, subscription-based companies have a sustainable model.

That’s Intuiface. We’ve had a subscription model for almost ten years. We’re far past the hump.

Meanwhile, companies using large one-time fees are risking the future. They’re only as good as the next deal. As soon as their large deal pipeline dries up, the company is cooked. So why haven’t they transitioned to subscription? Because they couldn’t survive the early cash flow hit. One-time fee options are the risky option. (And I’ll bet virtually everything your client is using to run their business is sold on a subscription basis.)

I’ll also add that our licensing fees are not just about experience creation. They’re about ongoing access to remote deployment, analytics, content management, and other services. Any one-time fee option surely lacks these ongoing services, meaning you - the agency - have a greater burden to build out something super robust and dependent on your own ongoing services. I can’t imagine you plan to offer those services for a one-time fee…

Subscription means security. Intuiface is security. :slight_smile:




wow geoff,thank you for the effort taken to put out so much to chew on.honestly most of that just flew just past me,you did well to explain it from a service provider point of view but from a clients point of view, the requirements are pretty simple and straightforward - develop an app used for product browsing and sales, the app is then yours to keep independently running till whenever you want it to.the client then only pays for updates and changes.no yearly license costs, etc. from your explanation above it seems once the development is done developers dont stand to gain much as the clients end up paying intuiface for the players and agencies end up paying for composer regardless if composer is used or not because they need to keep the clients players alive.
anyways this debate could go on and on where you try to justify your point of view and me the developers, resulting in nothing much except for long messages.
time to head to another platform, oh what luck, seems like i found something similiar, does all that intuiface can do + ability to export to exe, apk and ios. let me know if you want the name.

Hmm, back to a business model discussion. Sounds like a Community thread we had with someone else not too long ago. No clue what you’re trying to achieve with this post, “Lynn”, but our model is what it is. Glad to hear you found something else. Good luck with your project! :slight_smile: