Query Data Tracking

Hi Guys.

Is it possible to Query the data Tracking Hub from Intuiface (Not from excel).?

Wouldn´ be a nice solution for Database?


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This will be in the upcoming release of the new data tracking dashboard.

Hold tight and wait. :grinning:

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Hi @marcelo, @Promultis is a spoiler but he’s right :smiley: Here’s to give you a little clue about the update → Preview: Major "Data Tracking" Update! - #7 by shpeterson

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:wink: Already seen it.

LOL. We wanna be a spoiler too…
Just to make sure, it will be possible to log an event and from IF Player I will be able to pull this event? Will it also search for logs that hasn´t be sent to the cloud due to the lack of connectivity?

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Hi @marcelo & everyone,

Just a reminder, Intuiface proposes to

And voilà