QR Codes - Windows machine, Dynamic url from Airtable

Hi All,
Ok, this should be simple, I have a Timeline slider with data from AirTable.
On the timeline I show Title, Image, URL etc.

I tried to add the QR but it just only ever links to the first generated QR code.

I tried with Text to encode to come fro9m Text manipulation, and the URL in the Airtable, but still only ever shows the first generated file.

Might just be a friday… ¯_(ツ)_/¯ as this should be so simple…
Anyhow if anyone has an example of a dynamic QR generation that works I’d greatly appreciate it.
For now, i’ve just added the following forumla to Airtable field (and that works when i set the image path to that) “https://api.qrserver.com/v1/create-qr-code/?size=150x150&data=” & {URL}
But i’d rather not deal with calls to that service, and they should generate locally…

FYI< this is a small example of similar, but using an excel document

Hi @Ryan,

Although it’s Friday, you didn’t miss much :wink:

The QR Code Generator is an Interface Asset, meaning it’s instantiated once in the experience, will take 1 input and provide 1 output. In your scenario, that could be used to display 1 single QR Code when one of the cute kittens is “selected” (ex: click to show more info, or “moved into focus” in an asset flow instead of an asset grid).

If you want something to happen within a data template, meaning N times where N is the number of items in your data source, you would need to have a Value Converter that would be instantiated once per item in that data source. Unfortunately, Intuiface doesn’t provide such a converter that would generate the image locally like the Interface Asset does, but you can use a simple Text Manipulation converter and the service that you mentioned above to generate the QR Code based on the URL available in your data source.

The other alternative would be to code your own custom QR Code Generator converter.

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Thanks as always @Seb!
I’ll keep playing with it, but good to know that the QR is a once-off for that scene, I’ll test out the Text manipulation as above.


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