QR Code showing non whitelisted websites

Wondering if there is a way to get the url of websites people click links to that aren’t part of the whitelist. I would think you could do it like so:

But it never triggers, when blacklisted url is detected it sends that url to a variable and then uses an api to generate a QR code from the variable. I don’t think the URL ever populates though

Hello Jon,

You can capture the Current URL when a link is clicked.

In this example I bound the text of a text asset to the value of the Current URL of the Web Browser.

You can use the same concept and put the info into an excel or data point as well.

If you need more assistance I would suggest submitting a ticket on support.inuiface.com


Does it capture that Current URL even if it’s Blacklisted? I want to say I tried that and it didn’t update. What I’m trying to do is generate a QR code that the customer could then use their mobile phone to continue to that website that isn’t part of the Whitelist. For external forms and documents etc.

No it does not capture the address of URLs that are not on the whilelist.