Push a URL to a users mobile device

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Just a quick question,
In my experience, I have a few times when i’d like the user to visit a website, or download the pdf.
Rather than just have them scan a QR code, or open their web browser manually and type in the URL, is there an easy way to communicate to push them the url? Ideally I’d like to use a NFC chip where the data on the contact point is updated by Intuiface… and have the User tap their device on the NFC/RFID Transponder/Chip…

is this the bgest method: https://support.intuiface.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007179692-Interface-Asset-Phidgets-RFID

if so, can i trigger an action to change the URL sent by a reader?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated…

Hi Ryan,

The Phidgets RFID are readers, used to “read” data from an external RFID chip. I don’t think you can use them as an NFC tag to be read by a mobile.

I’d look into devices such as the ACR122U, especially in the way it is used in this video (I couldn’t find a better quality): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USImfpCZaTo

Their documentation is not the best / easiest to go through, so please let us know about your findings there.

Thanks Seb,

wish it were as simple as having a dynamic NFC touchpad to send data to a phone… checking out the link now.

I’m contacting these guys (Here in Perth), hopefully they will have a few ideas… will keep you posted…

Let me throw this into the mix.

I have used this device before and it does exactly as what it says on the tin.

Google DTAG100 https://www.dtag100.com/

You can set a URL via the text file and then either disperse the URL to devices via Bluetooth or NFC. They also have an LTE option.

You could simply change the URL via a script either from Intuiface.

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US $28 vs US $190, I’m curious of the outcome of your research @Ryan :slight_smile:


That is awesome info Louie, I hate to ask, but if you have a VERY basic example of this please let me know. I’m unsure what I’d need to do to get it running.

@Seb, will keep you posted. I MAY have to stick to QR codes for now if I can’t get it running… but considering Google and Apple are now starting to make QR codes readable from the camera, might not be bad.

See the attached screenshots of the DTAG.


You could simply get a script to convert the text file to a XLSX and then from an XLSX back to a txt in the directory of the DTAG.

I do have an experience i could give you unfortunately.




Thanks mate!