Pulling/Creating a Scene out of a Sequence

Hi Everyone

Sequences are awesome, and help me group scenes together. However, once I create a sequence if I need to create a scene outside of that sequence grouping…it’s next to impossible. I have tried dragging the scene outside of the sequence drop-down menu and it simply doesn’t work. Is there a better way that anyone has discovered for dragging a scene outside of a sequence?

Hi @andrew.gentry normally you should be able to drag scenes out of a sequence or delete them on the drop down scene list. where are you trying to do this?

The scenes panel only allows us to drag outside a sequence if it can fall “in between” two items. If there’s only one item and it’s a sequence, then it will force everything to nest inside the sequence.

For your example, it’s easy to drag the scene out of a sequence because there are non-nested scenes. But if you remove those scenes, it won’t work anymore.

To reproduce:

  • make the same arrangement as pictured above
  • delete scenes 1,2, & 4
  • try to drag scene 3 out of the sequence

Temporary workaround:

  • duplicate the sequence (“Sequence” > “Sequence 1”)
  • drag the duplicate sequence out of the original (Intuiface will allow this!)
  • create a new (empty) sequence
  • drag the new sequence out of the parent
  • go back and delete the duplicated sequence
  • create a new scene (this one will stay blank)
  • drag the scene out of the sequence, then drag it to the bottom of the Scenes list
  • delete the empty sequence
  • leave the blank scene in the project (so you can drag “in between” something)

Hope this helps!

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