Publish experience using USB key?


I have a client where the computer (touchscreen) being used for the experience cannot be connected to the Internet, and FTP publishing won’t be an option.

When we create and updated program for them we have to manually go and update the system by copying the project from a USB drive, and placing a shortcut in the Startup folder.

My question is, does anybody know of a way where I can place an Intuilab project on a USB drive and once plugged into a computer automatically copies the project across, removes the old startup shortcut and creates a new startup shortcut to the newly copied project?

Or in short, publish via USB?

This would allow me to send the client the USB drive so they can publish the update automatically.


You could create a robocopy script that would allow you to plug the USB stick in and automatically copy?

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the tip - this looks like a good starting point.