Property to Disable Flip Chart Animation

I’d like to be able to cycle through a flip chart collection without the distracting flipping animation.

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Hey @wtintuiface, I think the flip chart only flips when it’s swiped, tapped, or the next trigger is used.

But the scroll-to doesn’t seem to cause it to flip. So as a work around, You could bind the flip chart to a counter and set buttons to add one or subtract one to the counter. That will make it jump to next or previous without the flip animation.

Hi @wtintuiface,

Could you precise on which platform (Windows, iPad, …) you are running IntuiFace and would like this behavior?



Hi Seb,
I’m currently running intuiface on windows.


Then @AlexB’s solution is a good workaround. Don’t forget to check the Limit count to min and max values and set the min and max to 1 and the number of items.


Does that mean, there is still no way to use the flip chart as a touchable 360-model-image spin? Because if you would add the function to move from one frame to another via swipe, you would have a way to do it.

Hmmm…I apologize, I’m not sure what you mean by a touchable 360 model image spin? Are you trying to embed a 3D model into a flip chart? Can you describe the desired behavior a little better?

Although I don’t fully know your application exactly, it’s also possible to not use a flip chart at all. Simply put your assets into a group together. Bind each one to a counter, and use the converter “is equal to”…1,2,3,4,etc. Then whenever you change the counter, it will automatically show/hide the specific assets. No flip chart involved and it’s a little easier to manipulate through the numbers.

Feel free to describe a little more if I’m off base here. Thanks!

This sound great! Will try this out. Is it possible to navigate through touch then? I mean not pressing a button, but swiping to left or right? The user should get the feeling to spin an 3d-object while spinning 2d-pictures.

I think you would need to use swipe-triggers somehow for that configuration. Keep in mind that the swipe triggers only apply to the specific asset you set them on. For example, if you create a transparent box over the top of your image, your swipes will trigger the actions. But if you swipe ‘off’ of the transparent box, nothing will happen.