Promultis at Retail Expo 2019!

Its come to the time to share a small part of what myself and @s.cush have been working on over the last couple of weeks. Blood…Sweat…Tears! :smiley:

We have built the multiple examples for our show at RDSE this year. These are full working solutions.

Ship Example
This software pulls in live information from ships all over the world and shows their position on a 3D rendered globe.

The user is able to cycle between various ships and tap on rooms to view them in 3D.

In the world view, the user is able to view the route and destination.

Restaurant / Bar Example This was created in Intuiface
This software would be used on an interactive table in a restaurant or bar setting.

The user is able to order food and drinks at the table, call a waiter and pay at the table.

In addition, the software pulls in live news from the BBC as well as local weather. One cool feature is pulling in live TV and showing the option to select through different channels upon the user selection.

Online games are also built into the software, as well as an integrated particle engine that can be accessed while you are waiting. The tables are all linked to one network, allowing tables to communicate with each other via text.

The food or drinks order can be paid at the table or sent to any POS system.

All of the menu options above i.e Food & Drink can be stored in either a CMS system or the local machine.

Car Example This was created in Intuiface
This makes use of our Bespoke Object Recognition Software to trigger events across a network. By interacting with the 3D printed markers on the table, information can be manipulated on the Videowall.

For this example, the marker can open a video, a gallery, or launch a car comparison tool which is linked to an online CMS system.

By placing a second marker on the screen, the user can compare two cars against one another.

Gin Example This was created in Intuiface

This makes use of RFID tags to trigger events on the screen.

Once a physical object (i.e. Gin) is picked up, the screen shows specific product information such as a price, description, history, serving suggestions, and the botanicals of each Gin.

When a second bottle is picked up, the products information is presented on screen too, allowing to user to compare one product against another.

This is a very basic example of what can be achieved, we can potentially compare hundreds of products against one another.

If you would want to ask any questions about what has been built please fire away, I will be also showing/sharing an onscreen videos of the experiences in a while.

I probably have not listed all the functionality for all the examples but don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Kind Regards



Congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing. Just an obvious question, they are all made with Intuiface, correct?

Hi Bomee,

3 out of the 4 videos are made with Intuiface, the first video was built by us which had triggers to change content on the the Top 4 screens which was using Intuiface.

Kind Regards



Super! We’ll get on to it soon! I very much like the restaurant self-service table.

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Tremendous job done by @Louie_Smith & @s.cush, using some of the most advanced / unused features of Intuiface. Just to mention a few:

and a great use of Animations




Really beautiful work @Louie_Smith and @s.cush. I can only imagine the amount of work and testing behind each of these activations. Congrats!


Yes, truly fantastic. Amazing experiences and unique ways to connect technology to people. Great work @Louie_Smith and @s.cush!