[Product Review] What do you think about IntuiFace?

Hello Community!

DID YOU KNOW that IntuiFace has more deployed licenses worldwide than the majority of digital signage software found in this year’s Digital Signage Software Comparison Guide produced by Digital Signage Today?

This may not be a surprise for many of our customers who are absolutely satisfied with IntuiFace, but considering we don’t do interruptive banners, big budget TV/radio ads or cold call email blasts, it’s quite an impressive achievement. :blush:

There is one thing you can do for us - help get the word out. The more users we have, the more we can invest in and improve IntuiFace. Willing to lend a hand?

In order to make this happen, we ask you to take two minutes of your day to write a (we hope glowing) IntuiFace review *** here ***.

Did I hear you say

Your participation and feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance and thank you for trusting in IntuiFace!



Hey Louie: You “liked” it but did you get to Captera to filled out that short testimony questionnaire? It’s now the time to show your love for the product!

As well as for everyone on that community!


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@Vincent Hi Vincent: I have filled it out already yesterday :wink:

Keep up the good work :sunglasses:!

Its coming home :uk: :soccer:

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Coming this home :fr: :soccer:

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You guys will win :fr: :smiley: