Problems uploading excel

I am trying to upload an excel spreadsheet so I can collect feedback from visitors on my kiosk. I made a single, titled column in the excel file but have not been able to get it to import as an asset following the directions in the Knowledge Base. I go to “Add an interface asset,” choose excel spreadsheet, then locate my file and click “open,” but it never shows up in the experience. I’m not sure why it won’t come up.

Hi @cmcree,
It sounds like you’re doing everything right, but are missing just one step - After you add it that way, you’ll need to click on the “Interface Assets” menu (the icon looks like a battery at the top of the page). You should see your excel file in there. You can either drag it from there into the canvas, or right click and add to scene.

Another way you could do this is simply to drag the excel file right from your file folder into the canvas. Saves from having to “Add” the excel IA and then browse from there.

Hope that helps!

Hi @cmcree

Did you have a look at this article showing how to create forms with Excel?
You can also watch the end of this webinar recording where we demonstrate your use case.


Hi Alex,

That’s the issue I’m having - I already have the Interface Assets panel open, but whether I try to upload the excel sheet by browsing or by dragging and dropping, the spreadsheet does not appear in the Interface Assets panel.

I’ve watched the instructional videos and the webinar video Sebastien sent, but in these videos the file always shows up when it’s dragged in or selected via browse - they don’t clarify my issue.

Hi @cmcree ,

You may have stumbled into a bug. You should try to rename the excel before you re-import it.
I would not recommend ever updating other excel than the one already imported.
Also, make sure your sheet names have alphanumeric characters (they should not have numbers only).

If you still have issues with excel import, please open a thread on and attach the excel file in question. Our team will investigate what may generate this issue.


Has anyone ever figured this out?

I too have an issue inserting Excel files either by dragging or using the interface assets dialog. Neither method works consistently. I have been able to create a new document and some of the time it allows me to insert an excel file that I can then copy/paste into the project file, but even that is not consistent. I also noticed that when I try either inserting method, although I do not see the file in the interface assets or layers list, it is actually in the project file directory. So it’s doing something …

I have an enterprise license so I’m guessing that’s not an issue.

What am I doing wrong that is hanging up the excel import?

Hi @erichpeters,

Did you check that your Excel files follow the rules described here?


You hit the nail on the head. I had created the excel from within Intuiface and saved it not realizing the doc had no column headers. Once I put those in we were golden.

Thank you for the reply!


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