Problem installing player on a MS Surface

We have a 64bit Surface here, new model. When we try to install the 64bit player, it gives us an error and wont install it.

So we are then forced to install the 32bit version, which wont run this specific experience properly, which im assuming is because we are trying to run the wrong player.

Any info out there about why the 64bit player wont install on a 64bit Surface?

Not sure if this is 100% relevant, but I did run across this:

Hello Tim,

If @cullenb 's link doesn’t solve your issue, I recommend you to open a ticket on our Support Site so our team can investigate.



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I dont see where I open a ticket on that page.

It was top right here, but I edited the link above to a direct access to the form.

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Unfortunately, the link I’ve provided is not a solution. It’s technical specifications outlining what does not work on a Surface Pro from Microsoft.

Thx, I actually thought that was a submit a request for proposal link… see those a lot in the business world at the top of their sites.

This isnt an urgent thing for us to figure out since we have an HP tablet that the experience works perfectly on, an the event that this is for is next week, but someone here thinks the surface is a problem because although the architecture is 64bit, says it in the OS info, the actual processor is a 32bit cell phone processor, so he said he has seen problems like this before with the surface machines. Dont know if that makes sense.

Hi @trenken311,

Can you precise the model of Surface you have? Is it a Surface Pro (and you shouldn’t have any issue there) or a Surface Go (which is really low-powered)?