Printing to label printer

I have a small question about printing to a label printer from a intuiface experience.

This is the scenario: When a customer logs in to the digital reception, the info they provide needs to be printed on a label. We are using an Ipad for the experience.

Do you guys have experience with certain label printers and the available options, like what kind of label printer (manufacturer and model), and do you use print to email or API, … Maybe you have an example of this…

Thanks in advance!

I don’t see any tips shared around using a label printer specifically.
but I know @melvyn_br once talked about how he managed to print in Intuiface XP. Here is the topic.
Also, there is a page on Intuiface Help Center about how to send content to a printer. You can check it out here.
I hope you’ll find what you are looking for.

Thank you for the information, I already found that info. The problem is that its on a iPad and you can’t use “share to folder” on a iPad.

So the method that @melvyn_br used won’t work for me, also I would like to limit the use of extra software as much as possible.
We are looking for other options like maybe using a windows tablet, but we haven’t found a tablet that meets our specifications and pricing.

Sorry, but you may want to consider using something else, as the ipad is pretty limited. A workaround to trying to achieve this on the ipad would be to use the share via the intuiface email, have it emailed to a default reception id from where you can print

Otherwise you need a windows tablet, the surface range comes in first, however, to suit your budget, there are 2 in 1s available, that can be a laptop and tablet as well.

I know, just need to convince some people of this internally. But i’m sure with the right documentation I wil convince them.

Do you have any additional tips for me about printing on windows in this situation?

@brecht You could use the share via email for the Ipad solution or alternatively you could use a folder monitoring software which prints anything inside the folder, You will need to setup the share via file system ia.



@brecht, it works pretty simple, you need a third party printing software that can print off a specific folder in the background automatically (the one I used allowed you to automatically print any new document detected in the specific folder). After it prints it deletes the document, so that the folder is always blank to detect a new incoming one.

Once you have the printing software setup, you use the share to folder asset in intuiface to store your print docs. Map this folder to the printing software, so anytime you capture anything from intuiface into this folder, the printing software picks it up - prints and deletes the copy.

Hope this makes sense.

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Hi @melvyn_br,
thanks for your tips regards printing. We do have windows tablets in place and i will try use the technocom software. One thing i dont understand yet - how to create the PDF for printing. Is this something Intuiface does out of the box or directly from within windows? I want to hire some Intuiface expert who will build the solution / interace asset for use…

Hi Michael,

You dont need to create a pdf (although there may be virtual pdf printers that do the job), but the easiest is to use the snapshot feature from within intuiface that sends to print.

I can definitely help you build the solution, please feel free to drop me your project brief at



@wristbanditz @melvyn_br

Just thought i would elaborate on this, You can simply create a PDF from an Image snapshot/Asset snapshot by using “convert image1.png image2.png image3.png output.pdf” This can be done via CMD.

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Hi Mike, thank you.
i have read about snapshot now, to my understanding it means to take a snapshot of what is shown on the screen, correct?
Seb suggested to print directly from this snapshot file instead of creating a pdf. Not sure how to finetune the snapshot to fit the exact printer label size. It means probably a lot of testing until it fits…


Well there is two ways you can go about this, one being sure you make the asset to the same size/scale/ratio at the printer.


Getting third party software to scale accordingly to the printer.

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