Printing from IF

Has anyone come up with a clever way of printing other than using FolderMill in conjunction with the share via file IA?

Seems a bit expensive for such a basic function…

I’m still mystified why this is not simply another function of IF just like any other Windows based application.

Hi Erich,

I do ask myself this question i suppose one reason its not in composer is because it is easily done with a third party applications, that being said there are a few community members which have taken this upon themselves to create a custom IA.

You could create a topic on the Wishlist category.

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Hi @erichpeters

Creating & following a product roadmap is a complex story and I won’t dive into it, especially since I don’t have much power myself on this one :slight_smile:
I’d also recommend you to vote for this idea and add your scenario as a comment.

For my information, could you precise what kind of document you would like to print, on which platform (I’ll guess Windows) ?



Thank you Louie, would you happen to know who any of those members are? I would be willing to pay for an IA like that.

I can only imagine Seb … lol

I would ideally like to be able to print from any platform. I deal mostly with Windows, but have begun deploying applications on HDMI sticks with Android. The ability to print would enable me to utilize Intuiface in a variety of new ways.

I voted too!