Printing an image using printer in win 10

How to print from intuiface?
The guide wasnt helpful. creating a custom inteface asset is out of my scope.
What is the easiest method to print photo using default printer in win 10?

Hi any solution for this?
Why is a basic print function so difficult to implement? Why is it not present in Intuiface?


Printing inside Intuiface isn’t currently possible but you can use a program called foldermill that allows anything which is put inside a folder to be printed. Have search on the community that should help you out as many people have asked this question before.

I hope this helps

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Hi @PQuest,

While “printing” sounds like an easy & standard job, it’s far from it, if you want to provide a seamless user experience: no windows pop-up to select options but possibility to configure all these options at the Composer level (paper size, orientation, type of printer, …). That plus the fact that many things can be printed, not only images but also documents (PDF) single or multi pages, HTML, etc… And this also depends on which platform (Windows, iOS, Android…) you need this print ability. These are just a few reasons why Intuiface never implemented an official print feature, considering the pretty low demand we’ve seen.

That being said, in addition to the solution proposed by @Louie_Smith and the ones mentioned in this article (print via email has been used successfully by several Intuiface users in the past with “modern” printers), we do have an unofficial custom Print Interface Asset, Windows only, that might be able to fit your needs.
One of my colleagues has contacted you to learn more about your project and needs, we’ll see if this could be a solution for you.



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Thanks thats an alternative solution.

I think I will go with the hot folder method proposed by Louise_Smith.
Hopefully you can add this feature

Finally I solved it by writing my own console application that forwards an image from intuiface to default printer.

I used the “Call an external application with URI as the parameter”.