Preview: Major "Data Tracking" Update!


A very exciting piece of news is coming to those already using, or considering use, of the Intuiface Data Tracking feature. We won’t give away the entire story yet because you know how the value of a gift increases with more anticipation :crazy_face:.

So, here is a hint: Our Data Tracking feature left analysis up to you. This is going to change. TA-DA!!!

The point of data collection is to gain insight about your audience, their environment, and the quality of your work. We’ve decided to help you perform this analysis with new built-in capabilities we think you’ll love. What is it? Have an idea? Watch our teaser video below!

Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available!


This is a welcome feature! And I love your video marketing. Well done.


Great enhancement. Looking forward to to digging into it!



Gimme Gimme Gimme :open_hands:





That’s awesome news. It appears that the Interface built-in analytics will eliminate (or at least reduce) the need to rely on services, such as Google Analytics. However, these third party services have their place depending upon customer needs. You guys are doing an amazing job!

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