Powerpoint presentation

I am new comer. I am trying to drag powerpoint slide from presentation. But the presentation flow in sequential order. How can i drag one slide from transaction, please?
I am working on financial statement in excel. Also how can I make hyper link to any excel cell?
Thank you. Appreciate it

Hi Abdul Kareem,

The simplest way to import a single slide from a ppt is :

  • either import whole ppt, delete the unwanted slides
  • either save your ppt with the slide that interest you, import in Intuiface

Actually, Intuiface doesn’t use hyperlinks but has a feature called Binding that may help you. When it comes to Excel, we have a dedicated Excel Interface Asset.

However, before jumping in, I recommend you to read our “Getting Started” section, watch our (first 2) Webinars, and do the Step-by-Step tutorial to get the basics.