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Since Intuiface seems to be making moves toward content management, I wonder if there’s a way to actually play…or flip through a PowerPoint file while in Play mode? I tend to get this feedback from clients, because it is a software that most people are familiar with.

And I have no idea if this is possible…but what if the PPT file was hosted in the cloud, and the hot link was stored in Excel? Would there be any way to play a linked-PPT presentation in Intuiface?

If anyone has any ideas or wants to add on to this idea, I think it would be a welcome feature for many. I think my goal would be to have an online system where users can change out their PPT presentations and their XP will automatically update with the new presentations.

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Hi @AlexB,

You know you can already import a PPT file in IntuiFace using the Document Asset. This will make the PPT act like a PDF and will let you scroll through all the slides, but without keeping the animations.

Another solution could be to run the PPT in MS PowerPoint behind a transparent player, as explained in this article.


Haha, I guess I forgot about that, @Seb
Playing around with transparent backgrounds again as well, so that may be a good option for what I’m trying to do. It’d be nice to just plug Intuiface into my brain and download all the documentation lol. Maybe that’s an API to look into next?


Let me add that if you want to use your Powerpoint slides with a collection and not the document asset, you can save your powerpoint as png or jpeg and it will create an image per slide, then use it in any IntuiFace collection.


Yup, thanks @Chloe!

Quick question about PPT in the document asset - will this work if the PPT file is hosted in the cloud, and linked in the document asset?


It works if you host a pdf in the cloud not the ppt directly.


Gotcha. I’ll probably do some more exploration into hosted presentations through services like Google slides or Zoho. They seem to be a bit easier for someone to host several presentations and choose one to use at run-time. The built in browser tends to play these a little choppy though, which is why I was trying to think of alternatives.

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