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I’m thinking of taking on a project which will involve building an app which would be available to download on the app store / google play. the app would be designed to play on a phone. has anyone gone through this process and if so have any tips?


Just one thing @GazM: The app will only works on iPad or Android tablet, not on iPhone nor Android phones. Same limitation as the Player for Tablet.

Ahh thanks Vincent

Do you think that is ever likely to change (i.e create iphone compatible apps?


Never says never :wink:

following on from my previous questions, i have another :grin: if i created a app to run on an Android (or IPAD) tablet (which may be posted to the app store) which relied on content updates (done by the client) how could this be done (easiest case scenario is its an excel sheet with URL changes.


Hi @GazM,

A solution could be to replace your Excel file with an online “database” such as Airtable and create your own Interface Asset to access this data.
Until the big IntuiFace 6.0 is released, don’t hesitate to start a private thread on support if you want to go that way and want us to generate the descriptors to access the tables you create there.


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Thanks Seb
I’ll have a look at Airtable, my programming skills are basic (although i’m trying to learn Javascript!)
one quick question -
if an app posted to the store was hosted on AWS, would any changes to content (eg. via excel template) be updated automatically on the devices running the app?

When you go through the Post to store process, the app isn’t stored anymore on AWS or any other cloud storage. It’s packed in the package sent to the store, then downloaded locally on the tablet.


Thanks for clarifying Seb