Position a group triggered outside timeline at same x position as item in timeline

Hi All,

I have created a timeline with groups containing an image and text box with an excel sheet. The timeline is 400px high and stretches the width of the screen. Currently the images trigger a group outside of the timeline which stretches from bottom to top of the screen with relevant information to the image tapped. This group opens at a set xy coordinate but this is not relevant to where the image was positioned on the screen when tapped. I have tried incorporating the group into the timeline so that it appears at an appropriate ‘x’ coordinate but then it gets cropped to the 400px height of timeline.

Is there a way to position a group triggered outside the timeline at the same ‘x’ position as the item in timeline which was tapped?
Is there a way to find and use the ‘x’ coordinate of the image when it is tapped?
Is there another way of approaching this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



If the group needs to be bigger (in height) than the timeline, it indeed needs to be outside of the timeline.
When you use the trigger is tapped on the image in the timeline, you can use the X & Y parameters of this trigger as a move to action parameter (see below). You can use this X value to position your group correctly, maybe using a converter if you need an offset added to the image position.


Thanks Seb.

I have added all media to the one timeline XLS sheet so everything when triggered is positioned relative to the date and scrolls accordingly. My client preferrs this to have groups outside of the timeline so I don’t need to pursue that. Thanks for the scroll offset tip!