Pop-up video: trigger and action settings


I’ve got a small group of JPEGs that are video thumbnails with titles, and each one is set with a trigger so that when it’s tapped, a group containing a video and a “close-box” below the artboard is set to show at location centered on the artboard, and a second action is set to play the video.

The “close-box” is an X in a black square in the corner of the video set with a trigger so that when it’s tapped it returns the group (containing a video and a “close-box”) back to it’s original location under the artboard. A second action rewinds the video and a third stops it.

This worked temporarily, until I set up the third video, at which point when I entered the scene I could hear the audio from three videos simulataneously. I started all over from with the first video again (deleting all of the videos and triggers), but before I got to the second video I kept hearing the audio from the first video after it had been “closed” with actions set for rewind and stop.

Has anyone had any success in making this sort of pop-up video gallery work? Thanks.


Not to answer my own question, but I’m adding a scene trigger for Upon Entering that puts an Autoplay Off action on each video and changing the “close-box” from Rewind and Stop Video, to Rewind and Turn Autoplay Off. Seems to be working so far. If this method is successful I will reply with a full description of the process.