Point of origin for the canvas when changing Display Resolution

Currently the point of origin for the canvas is the upper left hand corner. When changing the canvas size by changing the display resolution, the canvas either becomes larger or smaller from this corner.

It would be great if this point could be changed to the center of the canvas, so that display resolution changes add or subtract size to the top and bottom, and to the left and right, equally from the center.

This would allow for easier display resolution changes by changing out background images on background experience layers.

But to make this easier for users to understand what you mean here is an image attached, so something like the starting X & Y position of the screen canvas resolution

Like the image attached.

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Yes, this is in reference to my post from yesterday. What I’m referring to is the Experience Properties when you’re changing the Display Resolution of an entire experience. When you change this from iPad to Full HD for instance, the canvas resizes in towards the upper left corner. It would be useful to have the option to control this so that the canvas resized in towards the center.


I think what @cullenb means is that he wants the ability to change the x, y in preferences so that when he needs to resize a project for a different format/resolution, the (0,0) will be in the center of the project, not on the top left corner. Right now, if I change the resolution of a project from a 1920x1080 screen down to an iPad, the resizing orients itself from the (0,0) corner (the first image below). @cullenb would like the resizing to orient itself from the center… so the center of the project would be (0,0) (second image below)

Is that right @cullenb?

@Louie_Smith I’m a little confused still about putting it into a scroll collection- would all of the pages need to go in here? If that works, that would be brilliant! I’m just trying to wrap my mind around the idea…

Yes, Megan. You have described this accurately. This scenario isn’t using a scroll collection. A good analogy would be changing the canvas size of a Photoshop document, by 10" in both width and height, and the result would be a revised document with 5" added all the way around.

This isn’t something occurring INSIDE an experience, but rather to the dimensions of the entire experience itself in order to create a new document with the same scenes at a new size.

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