Playing DVDs

Hello all,

First post - please forgive if this has already been answered

I would find it useful if there was a way of playing whatever DVD is in the drive - but I can’t see one

Is there any way of doing this through Intuiface??



Hi @michaelprice,

We never tried that before but since our video engine on Composer / Player for Windows is relying on VLC, it seems to work using the dvdsimple command of VLC.

Add a video asset and set its content to dvdsimple://D:/ (replace D with your drive letter).

Please let us know about your test results.


Sounds like that might me what I need - I will try it as soon as I can get access to the right machine



Just tried it and got it working

actual entry to video asset location was dvdsimple://D:/ (too many slashes above - probably a typo)

works fine and allows far better control than just using vlc on unusual screen setups as VLC sometimes makes it’s own decisions - which was messing us up on our setup

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Thanks for the update and the good news. I edited my first comment to keep the right path as a reference.

just for completeness - this doesn’t work with all DVDs

I tried several - including Disney ones which are normally akward - at the start and they were all OK

but I have just tried some more and they won’t play.
This is not Intuiface’s fault - it is something to do with VLC and the DVDsimple command inside it