Player restart when Deploying

I have a player running a 3 projector video wall that is used for customer welcome signage. I often have 2 or more welcomes that need to be deployed over the course of the same day. The new version (coming soon thanks!) will take care of the scheduling that is needed. However will the need for the player to stop and reload a newly deployed experience be going away as well for a more seamless transition?

Hi Edward,

Unfortunately, if you change the content of your experience itself, you will need to close and restart it.

However, you can build your experience a different way, and decide to “host” the content outside of the experience itself, for instance:

  • have your content in an Excel file that you will just update/overwrite
  • have your content on a third party service like Airtable and update online through their web interface
  • have your content in a third party CMS like Wordpress
  • create a second experience to pilot the first one and send content “on the fly” using remote actions or webtriggers

There are a lot of possibilities, depends on your needs/requirements (and of course, the energy you want to put in building your experience :wink: ).