Player open's two times

Hi Community

We have one player running at one of our customer’s, I have set the PC to restart in the morning every day. When it starts up it launches two players so that they are running on top of each other. Has anyone tried something like this?

Hi Kasper,

I recommend you to open a ticket on Support, providing details, so our team can investigate.



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I have encountered this when I had the Player Preferences in the Management Console (on the IF website) set to “Activate Automatic Player Launch” AND also had a shortcut of IF in the Windows Startup folder (shell : startup). Not to say that is what is occurring in your incidence, but it’s possible with this setup.


Hi @kasper,

I agree with @cullenb, last time I saw this issue was because of a dual way to launch player

  • adding a shortcut in Start-up menu
  • using the Share & Deploy “launch player automatically” setting.

With an Enterprise account, I’d recommend using only the 2nd way.


yep there it was i forgot that i did that…:roll_eyes:

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