Player License

May I suggest an improvement to the CMS to allow assignment of licenses to already activated players?
Example: If a player has a free license applied, you can assign it an Enterprise license via the CMS.

Hi @rohanlean,

Correct me if I am wrong but you want to assign new license keys to already activated players? What would be the purpose of this? Also, what do you mean by “Enterprise License via the CMS”?

A player license is a player license there is not different levels of a player license, Do you mean composer license?

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Hi Rohan,

Louie is absolutely right about Player licenses (thanks Louie!). The types of Player licenses are free licenses and paid licenses. The only licenses that have levels are for Composer licenses (Essential, Premier, Enterprise, etc.).

We do have a few different options for activating Player licenses listed in our Help Center:

You can also manage your licenses from the License Dashboard, as explained in this Help Center Article.

Hi, there are indeed different licenses, Free and Paid. As my example clearly says, move from a Free license to a Paid license. The License Dashboard does not permit you to do this. It would be good if you could see a list of unassigned Paid licenses and assign them to Free players. This can be done currently by revoking the license ( how do you know its a free license as there is no indicator that I can see )and then going through the activation process again. Not ideal.

Hi Rohan,

Free licenses do not appear in the license dashboard - only paid licenses. As long as you are logged into an account that has paid licenses, the paid version is automatically assigned to the Player. Free licenses are only assigned to a Player when there are no more paid licenses available to choose from, or if the account had no paid licenses to begin with.

Based on our licensing methods, logging in with a username and password causes an unassigned paid license to be automatically selected for you, or you can manually chose which license you use with single Player activation.


Hi Rohan,

Hope you are well.

As so far we haven’t received a similar request, would you mind sharing a practical example about how you will use this ?

Is it where, you would set up players in your office as free player, then ship to the client for installation, and you would like to activate them remotely, without having anyone to do anything on site ? (Except configuring LAN/Wifi to get an Internet connection).