Play Multiple Videos

I am asking this question before I have all of my information, but need help in organizing my thoughts. I have been asked to create an app that will be used in a courtroom setting. The client wants to play up to 5 videos simultaneously and have the option to zoom in on parts of any video. All videos were shot with gopros and of course, have multiple frame rates, (120 fps to 30 fps). My question is, is this doable in Intuiface, or should I do this with the Unreal Engine? Thanks in advance for any insights this group may have.

Hi Brian @btdelk,

It really depends on the hardware you intend to use for this experience and on the video size / bitrate. The best answer would be to make some tests with relevant material.

I did a quick test using our showcase videos (the ones used in this sample) on my laptop and here’s a short recording of play mode in my Composer.


Thank you. Pretty much what I imagined. I will build something over the holiday and see if the client likes it. Cheers