Place Holder in An Experience


Hi there ,
I want design a big experience that is splitted into two content holders ,and
content would be an experience running independently from the other one,
how so ?


Hello Yusuf,

It’s not possible to embed and Experience in another Experience, but you can define create one with a size of 3840x1080 for instance (equivalent to two 1920x1080 landscape screen side by side) and deal with your content zone wise.

How “independent” are the 2 experiences you talk about? What is the purpose of the “big experience” ?



Single Page Multi Users Experiences

independent ,as I want customers to navigate with affecting each other’s session,
and the big experience would be the full screen of customer 1 + video + customer 2
,I had a thought ,but you made clear for me how to implement it using Intuiface which is separate User Experiences,Thanks Alex.